I’m happy to announce that one of my recent collages, Squaring the Circle, was used by a new online journal named Protocols:

Ohio, Unintentionally

My second cousin Julie and her husband David, neither of whom I had previously met, just visited Berlin.  As they read my other blog, Another Jews Back in Berlin, they saw the photo I had posted of one of my new collages.  As resident Ohioans -- I looked it up, yes, this is what you call them -- they noted that the gestures made by the folks in my collage spell out O, H, I, O.  This is evidently a beloved sign sequence in the state.  I cut out the images of the gesticulating people from an airline magazine and had no idea of the meaning of their hand signals.  And now the deep significance of my piece becomes ever clearer...  While a title still eludes me...

First Blog Post

I just finished this collage.  (Not a great photo.)  Still untitled, it was inspired by a mandala-like image of Muslims bowing in prayer.  I'm looking for a local venue around Berlin where I can show my new pieces.  I've managed to make a bunch since arriving here, somehow squeezing in this wonderful form of play therapy here and there amid my primary life and work responsibilities.